Opening hours: weekdays (10 00 - 18 00 ), Saturday (12 00 - 17 00 ), Sunday is a day off

Important AFD-Market company information

AFD-market does not sell drugs, psychotropics and their precursors listed in accordance with Polish law
You can check the current list of prohibited items by clicking on the link: https://zakon.rada.gov.ua/

If you did not find the position you are interested in the catalog on the website, please contact us. The catalog is not complete and will be further developed.
Positions that are temporarily not included in the catalog can be shipped on the terms of 100% prepayment system "DropShipping", from the warehouses of suppliers. For this purpose, please contact us and give us a list of the items you are interested in. We will provide you with information as soon as possible, about shipment and the cost of goods.

The order procedure and dispatch of orders

  • Orders by phone are accepted according to the store's working hours.
  • Online orders are accepted 24/7.
  • Orders accepted on working days up to 4.30pm inclusive, are sent day in a day. After 4.30pm the shipment is moved to the next day.
  • Goods on conditions of partial or full prepayment are shipped only after the funds have been credited to our account. The terms of crediting are regulated by the bank! Usually from a few minutes to 3 days.
  • Our store reserves the right to ask for prepayment in the amount of 150 UAH for shipments by transport companies with cash on delivery.
  • Packaging and shipping time varies depending on the number of items, total volume, as well as the delivery system (DropShipping or shipping from our warehouse). 
  • The required time for crediting, when it is needed, as well as the required time for packing and sending the order are summed up!

Situation 1The order is not large, fully available in our warehouse and prepayment is either not required or quickly credited to our account. For example, the order is made on a weekday about 3pm, in your order only 3-5 items, with a total weight of 3-5kg. Such an order will be processed day in day. You can come for it by yourself or get the bill of delivery the same day.

Situation 2: It is similar to the first one, but adjusted for possible delay of prepayment. For example, the order was placed 3pm, prepayment received 5-8pm. This order will be rescheduled for shipment to the next business day. Self-picKupić will still be possible on a same day basis (no prepayment required).

Situation 3: Order is large, but fully available in our warehouse. No prepayment is required or quickly credited to our account. For example, the order is made on a weekday around 12am, in your order 100 or more liters of alcohol, which must be packed in 1 liter. The order is considered to be large and requires 1 day for preparation. In other words, it will in any case be moved for shipment to the next day, and will be shipped at 5pm the next day. Delivery at self-picKupić is possible after the full set of the order. Please note! The more items and the less prepacking, the more time it takes to complete.

Situation 4: Order is not large, but some items can only be sold through the system DropShipping. For example, you have ordered 3 items that are in our warehouse and 3 items that are only in the warehouses of our suppliers. In this case, the order will be shipped after making 100% prepayment  for 3 items, which can only be sold through the system DropShipping. The order picking takes up to 2 working days, sometimes the shipment is rescheduled up to 3 days. Self-picKupić is possible after the complete order. ATTENTION! The maximum term of shipment of such goods may increase the delay on the part of the bank for crediting!

Situation 5: It is similar to the fourth, adjusted for the fact that prepayment was made and credited on Friday. In this case, the order picking will start next Monday, and the shipping deadline will be Wednesday! Self-picKupić is possible after the full order picking.


ATTENTION: The cost of All goods presented in the product catalog on our website is given in view of hermetic containers for packaging, shipment and further transportation.

Especially for our regular customers who carry out self-export of goods from the warehouse of our company in Kiev, our online store has a special functionMINUS PACKAGING MATERIALS”.

You can use this option in your "Cart",after you have sent there the goods you need in the desired quantity and in a liter. Immediately before ordering you will have the opportunity to exclude the cost of packaging materials from the general list of the order. As a result, the cost of the order will be recalculated without it automatically. Thus, you can buy even 1000 liters of one liter, while maintaining the wholesale price of the product itself.

Example 1: You want to ship the goods in your packaging material, for this purpose, simply exclude it from the cart.
Example 2:You want to change the packaging materials by default to more convenient for you. For this purpose, after exclusion of the standard packaging materials, specify the correct amount of more convenient for you containers. Filling is free. You pay only for the goods, and for packaging.
Example 3:You want to replace glass with cheaper plastic. To do this, after exclusion of the packaging materials by default select the appropriate packaging from the catalog. It's a demonstrative situation - you want to replace two glass boutiques with two plastic ones.

You discuss further details of the order (payment, shipment) with our manager, who will contact you to confirm the processing and clarify the details.