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Online store of chemical reagents

Looking for chemical reagents? AFD Market online store is a great opportunity to purchase products you are interested in.

How to buy chemical reagents in Europe?

AFD Market offers the supply of a wide variety of chemical raw materials, materials, chemical reagents for any purpose. To buy chemical raw materials and reagents, you need to place an order in our online store, by phone or leave a request on the website of the online store in the menu "Contacts".

Shipping of goods is carried out to the amount of the order from 300 UAH
Free shipping of goods is carried out when ordering from 3500 UAH
Self-pickup without restrictions

Types of chemical raw materials that you can buy from us:

  • Indicators (test strips, solutions);
  • Acids and alkalis;
  • Alcohols;
  • Organic and inorganic chemicals;
  • Polar and non-polar solvents.

Why order chemical reagents from AFD Market?

The online store cooperates with global manufacturing companies, well-known in Europe. Therefore, the product supplies for laboratories and various reagents are of extremely high quality. You can buy chemical reagents in Poland at a good price by ordering delivery to any city.

Delivery is made to any settlement all over Europe. It is enough to choose the product you need from our catalog and place an order. After checking the order, it will be delivered by any transport company convenient for you.

Cooperating with AFD Market, the client gets the opportunity to purchase almost any reagent at competitive prices. Not all products are listed in the catalog, if you haven't found something - contact us. All AFD Market products meet the declared characteristics, you can see for yourself. We put our reputation above all else.

All orders placed before 17-00 pm are sent on the same day. Phone orders are accepted until 19-00 pm. Online orders are placed 24 hours a day. If your order is not shipped on the same day, it will be prioritized for the next day.

Chemical stores

Buy high-quality chemicals. Chemical reagents are very popular because they are part of and are involved in the production of a wide variety of products. Therefore, it is not surprising that chemical stores are widely represented on the Internet. Products can be used by pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, medical and other laboratories to obtain better formulations.

Our online store of chemical reagents sells reagents that are used in various fields of science. They allow for development, expertise and industrial production. The products included in the catalog were created by well-known European manufacturers, as well as American enterprises which follow exactly international standards in the production of their reagents. The catalog is constantly updated, so you can easily find rare components and order them in a short time.

Quick search and detailed description. We have done serious work to make it easier to find reagents by name, concentration and other parameters. A detailed description helps the client to understand for what purpose the substance is used and to check with the regulatory documents. It is also possible to specify recommendations for storage and transportation of certain formulations on the website. You can buy chemical reagents belonging to the following groups:

  • general laboratory;
  • special purpose;
  • solvents;
  • analytical, pharmacopoeial and nutritional.

If you could not find the necessary tool in other stores, then it's time to check our catalog.

Buy chemical reagents

Why should you contact us? Chemical reagent stores can offer an attractive price and a wide range of products, which we also do, but not everyone can guarantee a quick solution to issues. We have an extensive warehouse area, so that the products presented are always available. The most in-demand products will be sent in a short time, which will ensure the work of research centers and large enterprises. A chemical store can provide rarer substances on request. All you need to do is contact the manager and buy chemical reagents in any convenient way.

An equally important point for buyers is the quality of the offered products. The chemical reagents store is responsible for its reputation, therefore it works only with trusted suppliers. We follow the strictest rules when storing and delivering our products, which allows us to guarantee their quality during subsequent use. The online store of chemical reagents will delight customers with affordable prices for medicinal products. We do not work with intermediaries, therefore we offer a fair price for reagents for any purpose. The company has been on the market for several years, which has earned a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Our company offers you long-term cooperation in supplying your organization with chemicals. Our policy is based on satisfying our clients' needs, fair competition, and information transparency. Working with direct and trustworthy suppliers, we are trying to minimize your chemical cost.    

You can make an order on our store's product page, choose the amount and weight you want. Or contact us via phone or email and agree to chemicals' prices. We have got all the necessary licenses and certificates for the products. 

You can explore the range of chemicals and prices at any time of day or night. Most often, chemicals are used for analysis and scientific researches in labs. But some of the chemistry products are required for industrial use. All of them are broken up into different categories – whether it is the application method, which every client probably knows, or the degree of purification. 

It won't be difficult for you to find everything you need on our website. Just click the product page of a given product. The chemical price will pop up, along with its availability – whether in the warehouse, the number CAS, molar mass, density, melting and boiling temperature of the particular chemical. The way of wrapping is also specified. 

A wide range of chemistry products is being sold via our website. We will be glad if the presented work could be of interest. We not only provide you with lower prices but make everything possible to save your time, simplifying the ordering process.  

Our goal is to reach a broad audience of consumers, organizing the regular supply to your factory. The chemical's cost is relatively moderate. You can order the needed quantity of it. We regard each client as a potential partner; our employees will do their best to satisfy your requests. Therefore, you can purchase almost any amount of our chemistry products in convenient packaging. We are waiting for your call. Our manager will contact you by phone to confirm the order. You can pick up the purchased products from our warehouse, or we can deliver it to your address in the shortest possible time.

Beyond being a reliable and environmentally friendly company, we also offer expert assistance and support in logistics and chemical management. Our services meet the needs of your manufacturing, minimizing the chemical cost. 

There is a highly effective logistics system based on our specialists' expertise in procuring chemistry materials, the availability of regional warehouses, and the management of the supply system.

Specialists of ADF-market will provide qualified support about choosing the right solution and technology and solving technical problems, should they arise. ADF-market will help you to get the best answers. The experts from our sales department will research the right products at the right chemical price for you.